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Getting started with WiNNCK is simple, quick and easy! Simply book a 30min consultation to discuss your specific business needs. Based on your requirements we will send you a subscription invoice. Once you subscribe we will contact you within 24 hours and arrange for a convenient time for you to meet your new assistant.

We encourage our clients to prepare an initial task list or job requirements prior to the 30 minute consultation. This preparation allows for a clear direction so we can select the right assistant for you to ensure they can begin performing immediately.
Whatever way you feel comfortable, it is up to you! For example, if you communicate primarily via email and/or slack , your assistant will email you. Tasks can be set directly on our task management system or by assigning new tasks on a shared document or in your weekly update. WiNNCK encourages regular communication such as video calls to ensure our delivery either matches or exceeds expectations.
WiNNCK Senior Management undergoes an extensive multi-step selection process to vet assistants based on their past experience, education and individual skill set. To find the best match for each client, we encourage clients to provide us with some example tasks to help in this process.

WiNNCK is a Canadian based remote working company with its operational office located in Accra, Ghana and its home office in Ontario, Canada . We hire intelligent and highly skilled individuals who are fast on the computer, 100% fluent in English, and have graduated from the top Universities in Ghana. Our assistants are also required to have a minimum 3yrs of similar working experience.

In addition, all assistants undergo an extensive multi-step selection process to ensure they are the right fit for our clients. This process includes and is not limited to an in-depth background check, interview, skills testing along with medical screening with the potential candidates to ensure the highest quality standard is observed.

Our assistants are paid well above the minimum wage of their home country. This works to attract quality candidates while providing them with superior employment opportunities.

Note: Assistants with a working knowledge of French may be available upon request.

That’s totally fine, just let us know and we will make any adjustments! If you and your assistant agree, your assistant can work overtime. Overtime must be confirmed over email or text by both you and your assistant/team-lead. This ensures that you’ve clearly approved every hour of overtime worked. Additional hours will be billed at the same rate as the regular weekly working hours. We do not charge a premium rate for overtime hours.
Just let us know and we’ll handle it. If your assistant quits mid-week or you need a different assistant, we will work quickly to replace them. If you want to change their schedule or adjust your package up or down, tell us and we’ll make the adjustment.

At WiNNCK we want to simplify your life as much as possible. Once you receive your initial invoice, simply use the payment link to subscribe to our services online and payment will be processed from your card every 30 days

You won’t be charged for the time your assistant needs to take if they get sick or go on vacation. In the case of prolonged unavailability, WiNNCK will source a new or a backup Assistant for you.
All of our assistants are University Educated. We hire intelligent and highly skilled individuals who are fast on the computer, 100% fluent in English, and have graduated from the top Universities in Ghana. Our assistants are also required to have a min of 3yrs in similar work experience.

Each assistant has a direct team leader with whom you will have direct contact and frequent update calls. Also, if you ever want to speak to a member of our senior management team they are always available. Our support staff is able to attend to your questions and concerns, simply contact

We like to keep our services as flexible as possible. If you wish to cancel, simply send us an email, we have a 30 days notice cancellation period.

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